Our Services

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At Oak House Surveyors Ltd we offer our clients a wide range of services. We taylor all of our services to meet each clients individual needs. We specialise in the following services.

  • Private Valuation Reports (Level 1)

    This service provides information similar to a lenders mortgage valuation. It involves a basic inspection of the property to identify any significant defects and provide an estimate of Market Value and Reinstatement Value for insurance purposes. Essential defects affecting the value of the property will be identified. Our reports are prepared in accordance with the RICS Professional Standards.

  • RICS Home Buyers Reports (Level 2)

    With over twenty years experience we are well qualified to undertake a detailed inspection and survey of any property which you are considering purchasing. Our completed report will be produced in an easy to understand Traffic Light Format, as designed by the RICS. This report will outline essential repairs, maintenance considerations and any further investigations needed. There is also a useful section for your solicitor highlighting any relevant legal issues. In conjunction with the report we always make a point of telephoning the client to discuss the survey and encourage the client to call us if they have any questions after receiving the report.

  • Mortage Valuation Reports

    When purchasing a property your bank or lender may require a valuation to be carried out on their behalf, often on their standardized report format. This can be carried out in conjunction with a level two survey (Homebuyers) should you feel the lenders mortgage valuation is not detailed enough.

  • Lease Renewals

    We highly recommend that both landlord and tenant seek professional advice relating to the terms of a new lease as early as a year before the renewal date. The rights of both the landlord and tenant are very important at the end of the lease. Understanding the main issues and local market together with the negotiating positions of each side are vital to the lease renewal process. We liaise closely with our client's and their solicitors to provide advice.

  • Rent Reviews

    Establishing the market rent effective at the relevant review date can be a complex task and specialist advice is essential to ensure the best possible result. We maintain a database of all our transactions providing us with a comprehensive source of information which enables us to provide the best advice to our clients.

  • Valuation for Pension/Taxation/Matrimonial Purposes

    We offer independent, impartial valuations from an individual residential property through to property portfolios, including commercial buildings for company accounts.

  • Tax and Probate Valuation

    We provide reports for taxation purposes for use by private individuals, solicitors, accountants and companies.

  • Expert Witness

    An expert witness may be required to help a Court decide on liability in a matter in litigation. We may be called upon when professional appraisal is required or for questions involved in particular areas of building expertise.

  • Tax and Probate Valuation

    We provide reports for taxation purposes for use by private individuals, solicitors, accountants and companies.

  • Valuations for Debt Restructuring

    In recent times we have become more involved in providing valuations for individuals or Insolvency Practitioners to assist in Debt restructuring. Our RICS (Red Book) valuation reports add weight to any potential proposal.